forever in forks
It all started with an Air Canada flight to Vancouver and then across to Seattle. First night in Seattle involved a late meal at The Hard Rock Cafe where we saw various grunge related memorabilia including Eddie Vedder's acoustic guitar and Kris Novoselic's bass. Also had Elvis's coat there. Everyone drives on the right. You get water with every meal and pretty much everyone seems happy. These things we are not used to.

At the car hire place we noticed two ladies sitting with a Twilight beach towel on top of their luggage and we took photos. Collected a Taylor guitar from the lovely people at SIR, and made our way from Seattle to Forks guided by the shining star that was our Twihard duo who we met via twitter. Took the Port Angeles to Victoria ferry across the glistening water. Arriving the other side it was clear we were in Twilight country. The trees loomed tall and spiky into the skyline. There was a long (roughly) 4 hour twisty journey to the city of Forks. We were travelling it in the dark though following a brief stop over in a 'dive bar'. 'Orange Crush' by REM did ring from the juke box, much to the disgust of the retired sailor types at the bar. If looks could kill!

Arriving at Forks somewhere around 10pm we took photos by the sign. Checked in at the Olympic Suites Inn. Met the crew at Breakfast and went on a small 'treasure hunt' of Twilight related things. Little did we expect one of them to be Stephenie Meyer, but there you go. She was in the Forks Chamber of Commerce in honour of Stephenie Meyer day. We used our small town fame to jump the queue (first time ever) and be introduced to her. She was lovely. We then visited La Push, the beach area, and had a quiet evening in Forks *cough*

The following day was The Forever Party. We started by watching Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 in Forks High School itself. We actually had to leave just after the scene with Heart Of Stone because we had to set up for the show. Just saying that cause we realise it might have looked a bit pointed like 'our bits done, we're off'. Met Cider Sky at the Elk Lodge and sound checked our set. Didn't then expect to spend an hour signing cd's and having our photograph taken but it was a very pleasant bi-product of the evening. We got to meet Jack Morrissey who was instrumental to the entirety of Breaking Dawn Part 2. Sweet guy. A few highlights from the evening included The Olympic Coven look-a-likes singing Baby Got Back at Karaoke, free vodka red bulls and a small bar/pub crawl around Forks.

We left Forks sometime after breakfast on Sunday morning just as a storm was breaking. Suitable weather for the spectacular drive back through the Olympic Park. Several times it was clear to me I was witnessing the most beautiful mountains I'd ever seen. The friendships we formed in Forks have already spilt over into LA with several of the same crew helping us out during our time there. Fandom, it turns out, not only knows exactly how to party, but are the loveliest souls you could ever hope to meet. I won't name names throughout the next part either, only cause Team Iko is our secret, we don't want everyone knowing how to get the most awesome crew. Was a full circle moment for Neil and I having enjoyed last years red carpet premier and the whole Twilight madness, to then see people singing Heart Of Stone back at us at The Forever Party. Was really special.

But one exception is a big shout to Sharon who organised the entire thing. It was so well run and things went so smoothly we were really impressed. Feels great to now see the first email from her saying - "hey, we're doing this thing in Forks in September…"
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