i will rage with these seas
and cry
with the meadows of reeds
and hold
every thought you ever had

i will run on glass lakes
and turn over
tables and plates
and burn all
your losses to ash

and claim
i will claim all this ground
and i
i will fight them daylight hours
the victory hall
was built in your name

and stand
i will stand with hands raised
and wish you every success

oh won't you turn around
lest i forget what you look like in
the sun

through the layers of world
and blue and white echo rings
turn your eyes into gold
the meteor shower i saw
was a love letter from god

and you
you left a trail of flames
in your wake
the future couldn't cope
so it
sent it you back my way

oh won't you turn around ...

and all the ghosts turn around
and send their love

my heart holds you close
find a place - single
released 16 march 2015
track listing:
1. find a place
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