the morning after the night before
So, arriving at Leicester Square around 5pm to what can only be described as 'organised chaos', Neil and I set about finding Sean and Rebecca. Police helicopters circled above. We could see huge screens, hear the announcer welcome the crowd to the evening. There were spotlights, fake snow and more twihards than your mind could ever imagine.

As we waited to be let onto the red carpet we could hear extracts of interviews being pumped out on the big screen, songs playing. Wait a sec... Heart of Stone was being played, very loudly, more than any other song at the pre-screening red carpet event. Rebecca (press) turned to me and said "This is surreal". Yes. "Otherworldly" I said.

Making our way onto the red carpet we mixed with some fans who were attending the Empire screening. They veered off to the right. There was now a clear big stretch of red carpet to the odeon and only us to walk it. People smiled. They all had no idea who we were but they did whisper and we're told, when Heart of Stone played again, sang along.

The stars are kept very much separately from everyone else, as you'd expect. So we were already seated when the three main actors were being interviewed. We bought popcorn (unaware of the free stuff awaiting us at our seats).

Glamour everywhere. Tuxedos, legs, champagne and AAA's on their mobile phones busily arranging things. Inside they had a live steam of the red carpet.

We took our seats. Who should sit in front of us? The cast of TOWIE.

Then X factor rolled in. I started to feel a little deflated surrounded by free loaders but it comes with the territory I guess. And it was nice to see Victoria Pendleton and Frankie from the Saturdays in real life.

So the lights go down. The crowd roars and here we go.

Ever been in a cinema when your voice appears on the screen, gently whispering from the speakers at the mid point of a movie about vampires and werewolves? I have. It's magical. My hands went tense until the scene was over. They didn't butcher it. They use most of the first verse into chorus. All four of us sat there kinda holding our collective breath.

I can't spoil the film for you. Needless to say the first hour is quite a slow, thoughtful setup which leads to, what can only be described as - the most kick ass thing I've ever seen at the movies. It's incredible. It's violent, fantastical, shocking and has a twist so good the entire audience screamed and then applauded at the reveal. All laughing and feeling thoroughly outwitted by the genius of Bill Condon.

Leaving the theatre, there were tip offs of a post-show gathering but no official after-show party. So instead we grabbed food from a place called Bills, just off soho, and toasted ourselves deep into the night.

It's a hard feeling to describe. Did we win something? Kind of. Did we dream it? Maybe. Does it have a life of its own? Absolutely. So that's what feels most special. A song gently drifting into Rob's ear as he attempts to answer questions from news channels the globe over. Olympians and minor celebrities sitting there whilst my voice and Neil's piano add to the film's atmosphere.

And the twihards. Camped out for two nights running in the freezing November London streets with their homemade banners and messages to their teenage dreams. Singing along as the stars make their way. Stars of the second biggest franchise in cinema history. The end of a saga many have grown up with, grown into. One that now has a musical footnote written by Neil and I, in a sleepy village in Devon.

The vocals recorded inbetween the noise of a tractor rumbling past the window. A song for a person who disappeared into the shadows of my life. And now a song that lives the best life a song can live...

Free and heard by millions.

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